Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What's New This Week

Seeing as it was payday the Friday just gone, that can only mean one thing?!
So I thought I would share with you all what I've purchased so far!
Let's start with..
As I work in H&M, it is pretty hard not to spend my whole pay packet in store!
It's also a bonus getting staff discount aswell! That's 100% one of my fav things about working in retail!
Clutch bag: £4 in the sale (only in sale in store, not on the website)
Black Coat: £29.99
White & Navy striped shirt: £14.99
Monochrome heart/splash dress: £14.99
The pictures of the dress doesn't really do it justice but I absolutely adoreeee it! If you want to see more photos of it, then you can check it out on my Instagram (@erin__hunt) to see how I've styled it!
I've been trying to find some flat sandals for a while, as all the ones I own have a chunky heel! So I thought these ones were perfect.
I love how in the packaging was a drumstick lolly! Although I was too excited about the lolly to be able to have it in the photo, as it was eaten within the space of like 10 seconds hahah.
I've also got my eye on the 'Behir Mini Platform Sandal' in black and white but everytime I check online, they're both always sold out :(
I NEED them in my life!
I've been looking at this skirt for a while but for some reason could never bring myself to buy it, but when I was in USC the other day I spotted it in the sale so I just had to have it!
and last of all, my beaut ORB Quartz necklace in silver from the lovely people at Isles Jewellery!
Thank you very much for sending me this beaut necklace, I cannot stop wearing it!
Their whole collection is sooo beautiful! I love everything to do with crystals.
I'd 100% check them out on Instagram and their website.
You can find them on Instagram as @islesjewelry
and their website -
Just been having a nosey on their website and I've absolutely fallen in love with the 'RHODOLITE GARNET Mini Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace in silver' and the 'NOVA Quartz Ring in silver'...basically I just need to own their whole collection haha!
As you can see I have a serious shopping addiction but which teenage girl doesn't?!
Thanks for reading :)
Erin - One Big Floordrobe x


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