Sunday, 22 June 2014

Gingham Galore

I just want to thank the amazing Analise from Motel Rocks for sending me this beautiful gingham dress as a gift,  I was so excited when it arrived in the post!  

I was so excited when I found out I would be doing a collaboration with Motel Rocks, they're definitely one of my favourite brands!
Their whole collection is so on point!
When choosing my item of clothing I thought I'd go for something that I wouldn't usually go for (basically something that's not black), so I decided on this Mini Slip Cami Dress which is absolutely beautiful!
Seeing as this dress is pastel pink and has a gingham print, it's bang on trend!
You could wear this for any occasion, day or night!
Also I'd just like to thank Lizzie from Pauls Boutique for sending me the Carla Block Patent Purse in dusty pink, it's perfect for this outfit!
It's safe to say that PB have majorly upped their game, so I'd 100% check out their website if you're looking for a new bag or purse.
What I absolutely love about this purse, is that it's big enough to use as a clutch bag for a night out in town. It fits my phone, money, gum, even a small comb! What more could you want :)

Would just like to add that these come in many colours and they have 30% off them at the moment, so grab one while you can!
Just one more thank you, to Kevin from Infinitine for sending me a Forever Circle Pendant necklace!
It's so delicate and pretty, I haven't taken it off since it arrived last week!
Their whole collection is stunning, I would definitely recommend checking them out.
Dress: Motel Rocks
Purse: Pauls Boutique
Shoes: ASOS
3 in 1 Necklace: H&M
Circle Necklace: Infinitine
Sunglasses: Primark
Rings: Pandora
Lipstick: MUA from Superdrug
Thanks again for reading, hope you liked it!
Feel free to leave any comments below :)
Erin - One Big Floordrobe x
PS: sorry for the awkward photos, was my first time taking photos like this so didn't really know what to do with myself haha. I look like a plank of wood!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Monki Wishlist

The other week I was on ASOS and I came across the brand 'Monki'. I'd heard of the company before but I never really knew anything about them and what kind of stuff they stocked.
After spending hours on ASOS, I then went on to buy a pair of trousers, dress and bralet from Monki but I could of bought a whole lot more...this is where my wishlist comes in.
It's safe to say that this wishlist shows that I have a serious addiction to clothes because of the amount that is on it. I think that it's acceptable though because..well, I've just fallen in love with Monki.
I've made two separate wishlist's, one from the main Monki website and one from the collection on ASOS.
This is my wishlist from the main Monki website.
As you can see my love for monochrome is still there but I have tried to add some colour in there.
I am absolutely in love with all 3 of theses oversized crop tee's.
I think that they would be perfect for holiday as you can pair it with either high waisted shorts or a mini skirt.  
Seeing as these tops are only £8 each, they will all definitely be joining my wardrobe next pay day!
Click below to find these tee's online -
Even though the pastel colours are planning on being big for Spring/Summer, I could never disown my black's and white's.
I love how simple both of these tee's are but yet they're statement pieces. Style either of these with black high waisted ripped jeans and a pair of all black converse.
 I love anything with a collar so this cropped polo really caught my eye. At £20 I thought that it was a little pricey for what it was but then I thought to myself, if I saw that in Topshop or Zara for £20 I'd think it was a bargain.
 The oversized tee is perfect if you're having one of those days where you just can't be bothered but yet you still want to look fashionable. Seeing as this tee is now £5 in the sale, it's a definite must have.
Click below to find these tee's online -
I already own a pair of Monki trousers and I have to say that they're the comfiest trousers I've ever owned, it feels like you're wearing pyjamas! I love how they have such crazy prints on, that's why I've fallen in love with these 'Rita Trousers'. Even though these trousers are really casual, I think that you could dress them up with chunky boots and a white or blue cropped blouse or bralet.
These trousers are now £8 in the sale, BARGAIN!!
I love wearing oversized t-shirt dresses but because I'm tall, I sometimes struggle to find ones that are long enough to wear with bare legs. So when I came across these 'Sara Pedalpushers' I thought that they would be great styled with a white oversized t-shirt dress, a black PU leather bumbag and some New Balance trainers. A perfect outfit for a night out in Magaluf (where I'm going in 58 days eeekk)!!
These are now £5 in the sale, yet again another bargain!
Click below to find these item's online -

Now onto the accessories, cannot forget those!
Every summer I end about buying about 10 different pairs of sunglasses. For this summer I had told myself that I wasn't going to buy loads again but then I came across these sunglasses, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. I love how different they are compared to previous sunglasses that I've owned.
My absolute favourite ones are the 'Mandy Sunglasses' (which are the green ones). They're such an unusual shape which I absolutely adore and I love the print.
I already own glasses like the other 2 pairs in the photo but you know what they say (well what I say anyway) can never have too many pairs of sunglasses!
All of these are priced at £8 which I think is a really good price.
I will 100% be ordering this bag and phonecase come payday!
I love how the design on both the items are the same. Kind of looks like an illusion!
I've been looking for a travel bag for agesssss and this one is just perfect! For only £18 in the sale and the phonecase only priced at £6, its an absolute steal!
Can you tell I'm a bargain hunter?!
Click below to find these item's online -

Now onto the Monki collection on ASOS - Monochrome madness!
I know I keep saying that I love Monki but I really do love it.
These 3 pieces are so on point!
Click below to find these item's online -
You can find the Monki collection on ASOS here
Look how beautiful these two bikini's are!
Clip clasp at the front, mesh panelling on the back, triangle shape which makes them look a lot like Triangl.
I love the prints on both of the bikini's.
Unsure about how much the bottoms are but both the bikini tops are £12 each.
Click below to find these item's online -
Sorry for such a long blogpost, I've just got such an addiction for Monki at the moment!
Thanks for reading :)
Erin - One Big Floordrobe X

Sunday, 8 June 2014

ShuSole Review

Here's a typical 'bending your legs in a funny way whilst wearing your heels in bed' photo! Every blogger has a photo like this!
Anyway, moving on...
Last week I received these beautiful chunky cleated platforms from ShuSole, just look how AMAZING they are!
If you've never heard of ShuSole then you need to head over to their website as they have the most insane collection I have ever seen (click here) and you can also find them on Instagram as @shu_sole.
These 'Reona Cleated Platforms' are a hefty 6inches, so if you're a shorty then these shoes are perfect for you! Seeing as I'm 5ft10, these shoes make me 6ft4....yes I look like a giant but these shoes are just too beautiful not to wear.
They have 2 buckle fastenings on the side and a zip on the back which makes it easier if you can't be dealing with buckles. Even though they're so high, they're definitely the comfiest shoes I've ever worn! I would definitely recommend these shoes as they look exactly like Jeffery Campbell (around £100) and at only £33.99 you just can't say no!  
They come in 5 different colours: White, Pink PU, Black Suede, Tan PU and Black PU.
If you like the look of these, then you can find them on the website here.
I would just like to thank Shusole again for sending me these beaut shoes!
Thanks for reading!
Erin - One Big Floordrobe x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Triangl Heaven

Eeek this is my first ever blog post, how exciting!
I thought to myself 'what would be the best thing to blog about first?' and the first thing that popped into my head was the amazing company called Triangl.
If you have not heard of this company then OMG you have never lived!
Every girl dreams to own a piece of their collection and I'm just very lucky to own two pieces!
Triangl very kindly got in contact with me and asked if they could send me a piece of my choice as a gift (and of course I said yes!! Who wouldn't?!).
I decided to go for this beautiful pastel blue bikini which is called 'Chloe Santa Rosa Splash'.
I chose this bikini because of the style, the shape is definitely my favourite out of the 4 styles they stock and also the colour, the pastel colours are really in this Spring/Summer and I think this bikini would look great with a tan!
If you like the look of this bikini then you can find it here
I'd just like to thank Emma and the Triangl team again for sending me this gift, I absolutely adore it!
Now..onto the next bikini!
As soon as I set my eyes on this bikini I knew that I needed to have it. This is the 'Ollie Penny Wanderlust' bikini and isn't it just a dream!
After begging the rents, I finally persuaded them to buy this bikini for me for my birthday! My dad was outraged with the price because its a bikini, BUT COME ON?! Look at it!
I love the white mesh overlay, so that it kind of looks like polka dots. I like how the cobalt blue bottoms don't match the top but in a good way. I like how bold this bikini is.
Can you tell I'm in love with it?
If you like the look of this bikini then you can find it here
Just thought I'd add a few details about the bikini's.
The photo above shows what they look like on...obviously! (just like to add that this is not me in those pictures, how I dream to have a body like that!!)
The 'Chloe' bikini (on the left) has adjustable back and neck ties, hipster boyleg bottom, is fully lined so will not go transparent when wet and is made from neoprene material which if you don't know is wet suit material. This bikini also comes with a beach bag which is a pastel blue colour.
 The 'Ollie' bikini (on the right) has fixed straps so kind of like a bra style, hipster boyleg bottom and again this bikini is made from neoprene material. This bikini also comes with a cobalt blue beach bag.
With sizes I would say that the top half is very accurate but I would recommend going a size up on the bottoms (unless you want an appearance from cellulite Sally and a cheeky bit of muffin top hahah) as they do cut in a bit.  
This is how I plan on styling my 'Penny Wanderlust' bikini for the Mallorca Rocks pool party in August. I've styled the Triangl top with high waisted bottoms because I prefer the style and I think that they're more flattering on me.
Bikini top: Triangl
High-waisted bottoms: H&M
Kimono: H&M
Bumbag: River Island
Sunglasses: Primark
Tattoo Choker: eBay
Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first ever blog!
Erin - One Big Floordrobe x