Sunday, 8 June 2014

ShuSole Review

Here's a typical 'bending your legs in a funny way whilst wearing your heels in bed' photo! Every blogger has a photo like this!
Anyway, moving on...
Last week I received these beautiful chunky cleated platforms from ShuSole, just look how AMAZING they are!
If you've never heard of ShuSole then you need to head over to their website as they have the most insane collection I have ever seen (click here) and you can also find them on Instagram as @shu_sole.
These 'Reona Cleated Platforms' are a hefty 6inches, so if you're a shorty then these shoes are perfect for you! Seeing as I'm 5ft10, these shoes make me 6ft4....yes I look like a giant but these shoes are just too beautiful not to wear.
They have 2 buckle fastenings on the side and a zip on the back which makes it easier if you can't be dealing with buckles. Even though they're so high, they're definitely the comfiest shoes I've ever worn! I would definitely recommend these shoes as they look exactly like Jeffery Campbell (around £100) and at only £33.99 you just can't say no!  
They come in 5 different colours: White, Pink PU, Black Suede, Tan PU and Black PU.
If you like the look of these, then you can find them on the website here.
I would just like to thank Shusole again for sending me these beaut shoes!
Thanks for reading!
Erin - One Big Floordrobe x

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  1. Love those heels, although I don't think I would be able to walk in them haha xx